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Tracy Lewis Performance

Developer of the RX Catch Can 

What is a Catch Can

Lets Break it down

An oil separating catch can system is a must for any modern DI (direct injection) engine. In 2008 auto manufactures in the US market began implementing direct injection in most vehicles for better fuel economy and more power in smaller displacement applications. This was a huge step in the right direction for auto manufacturers however the direct injection system sprays fuel directly into the combustion chamber and doesn’t wash the valves as it did in previous injection system designs. This means that sulfuric acid, unburned fuel, water and oil in the form of PCV or positive crankcase vapors that coat the valves builds up. This is known as valve coking. These harmful contaminants are what get past the pistons into the engine as blow by. This results in a loss of fuel economy and power over time.

An oil catch can system solves this problem by using vacuum already present in the engine and evacuating harmful PCV vapors, trapping them in the can to be drained later during regular oil change intervals. Our systems also incorporate a clean side separator that replaces the standard oil fill cap and further ventilates the crank case with fresh filtered air and prevents oil back flow to the intake. Our oil separating catch can systems restore fuel economy and extend engine life.

Benefits of the Tracy Lewis Signature series or RX air/oil separating crankcase evacuation systems:

1.Stops 95% plus of the oil and other contaminates from reaching the intake air charge.

2. Reduces detonation and results in less knock retard from this ingestion.

3. Eliminates 90% plus of the intake valve coking over time.

4. More power due to reducing knock retard and also by eliminating any crankcase pressure from building.

5. Better ring seal by retaining piston ring stability. Suction below, pressure above the rings VS a tank or breather system allowing pressure to first build and then vent. NEVER good.

6. Longer engine life by keeping more contaminates out of the engine oil.

7. Increased fuel economy (1-3 MPG average) by reducing the timing pulled due to knock retard and ensuring only air and fuel is present in the combustion chamber.

8. Emissions compliant closed system does NOT reduce or defeat ANY of the functions of the PCV system, in fact it improves the functions.

9. Cannot legally void the warranty as it retains or improves all the stock functions of the emissions system.

10. Reduces the build-up of deposits/varnish on the intercooler bricks that can reduce their effectiveness in cooling the intake air charge over time. (for forced induction).